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When I heard about The Postcard Revival project, I wanted to high-five, low-five (you know the drill) someone. That someone turned out to be Jacqui Landey, a Joburg copywriter.

Tired of postcards featuring the Big Five and Jozi-cheese, this über post card fan decided to make her own and got a whole lot of creatives in on the action. They painted, printed, designed and photographed Jozi in their own unique ways and their works were then transformed into postcards. Hence, The Postcard Revival project!

The first collection of 12 limited edition cards were launched at a once-off exhibition at the Barbican building on the corner of Pritchard and Rissik (another high-five, low-five to Jacqui because I’ve wanted to get into this building for so-o-o long). You could even buy stamps and post yours in a post box set up in the space and invest in the original art works. But I was just too happy to hold the postcards in my oh so eager little hands.

As Jaqcui started with project, she realised that Joburg's lack of postcards revealed a lot about the city or at least the way we've become used to seeing it, she says.  “As if it's not a place someone would come visit or be proud of visiting. But obviously, the current feeling in Joburg contradicts that completely. People from Joburg love Joburg but it's almost as if we haven't gotten round to imagining that other people could love it too,” mentions Jacqui.

The project set out to change that, showing off the city of Johannesburg in an awesome way. These are postcards that Jacqui – and most of us – can be ‘chest-out-shoulders-back’ proud to send from our city.

If you want to get hold of your set, visit the Collective market in Kramerville on 2 June 2013 or follow the project on Facebook for the latest updates. 

Okay, so the Barbican…
At 2 360m² and giving a nod to art deco, the Barbican became tallest building in Johannesburg when it was completed in 1931. It lost that title during the ‘skyscraper wars’, but remained a downtown icon. Fast forward to the 90s and decay – and vagrants – settled in. And then after years and years and years of pressure, the owner, Old Mutual finally revamped the building. So, now it’s standing proud again, offering some of the coolest and not that often seen views of the city from the top floor (I added a photo way below). Yay! You can read more here

* All photos by Best-est Husband, Robin Turner

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